Patented Integral Coaxial Speaker Cone Technology

A driver that utilizes the Dinaburg Technology IP consists of five basic elements:

    1. The Active Portion which contains the motor structure for an entire Dinaburg-based driver.
    2. A Rigid ring which enables independent motion between the active and stabilizing portions of a Dinaburg-alignment driver.
    3. Inner Surround of the Stabilizing Portion.
    4. Stabilizing Portion of the Dinaburg alignment driver. This element is what improves the performance of a conventional driver. The stabilizing portion can be conical or flat. A flat, or nearly flat, stabilizing portion can enable shallow finished products to be developed without having to sacrifice bass performance.
    5. Outer Surround of the Dinaburg alignment driver.

Dinaburg Technology vs Rear Passive Radiator COMSOL

COMSOL SPL Polar Response

COMSOL SPL Contours Animations

Dinaburg Technology

Rear Passive Radiator

Contour Plots were created at Warkwyn in Minneapolis, MN using the Kippel R&D System.

Contour Plots of Original Proof-of-Concept - 5” conventional midrange and it's corresponding Dinaburg Design
The conventional midrange SPL is 70 dB on-axis starting at a bit above 200 Hz. This Dinaburg design is at 70 dB a full octave lower (100 Hz). Interesting behavior for the Dinaburg design is that it has almost no output below 90 Hz (dark blue area) at the rear of the enclosure (+180 and -180 positions) whereas the conventional driver still produces around 10 dB more level at same measurement position. This is evidence that a single-driver subwoofer based on the Dinaburg design may be a very effective cardioid sub. Even traditional 2-way and 3-way speaker systems can benefit with ensuring less low-frequency energy is bouncing off the walls behind the enclosures. In addition, 3-way speaker systems may be rendered obsolete because the midrange and woofer can be combined as one driver.

Patented Integral Coaxial Speaker Cone Technology

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